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Who we are

Our brand BPIU has been created from the deep knowledge of the Organic agriculture and Food nutrition.

Since years we import, produce and distribute Organic products from grains and tubers, ingredients for the bakery and the confectionery industry, as flours, grains and sweeteners.
Food consulting and support
Experience and professionalism allow us to always pay attention to our customers’ needs. Furthermore, we offer advice to find the most suitable ingredients for all customers’ productions and consulting service in new recipes creation.
Thanks to our experience along with the dedicated update we can supply tailor-made products to customers, according to their requirements. The flexibility of the production plants and of our recipes allows us to adjust or customize our sweeteners to the customers’ requirements, complying with the Organic production regulation.

Our products are carefully analysed in order to grant their compliance with the Quality Control System standards. Sistema di Controllo Qualità. Bpiù is certified by C.C.P.B. (Consorzio per il Controllo dei Prodotti Biologici/ Consortium for Organic Products Control), in compliance with European Reg. for Organic productions.


A passion for details

Raw materials
Our company carefully selects its suppliers and business partners, investing big resources in the analytic controls addressed to check the Organic compliance and quality of our products. For this reason we prefer Organic dedicated suppliers, granting in this way a complete Organic supply chain.
The production process of syrups, naturally transformed, can grant the products compliance with the quality standards that the Organic sector demands. Besides the careful analysis of risks made during the processing, and the analytic controls made in the modern internal laboratory, the finished product undergoes an additional control from external accredited laboratories, to certify its compliance. Only once this procedure is completed, the product can be released to the market.


Timeliness and Efficiency

Thanks to the favourable warehouse location and with the support of highly qualified logistic companies, bPiù offers a quick and widespread distribution and delivery service in Italy and Europe. Bpiù works, moreover, with several distributors abroad.